“It is necessary to know if it was paid with public resources”, says Gil Castello Branco, of the Open Accounts. To the ‘Globe’, actor said to have been paid. Mourão said that idea was from Bolsonaro


Last Sunday, while militants for and against the military dictatorship were facing punches and kicks on Paulista Avenue , a video sent to journalists by the official WhatsApp of the Planalto recalled the date of the coup of 64, counting the version of the Bolsonaro Government , an apologist of dictatorship, to history. “If you’re the same age as me, you know there was a time when our sky suddenly had no stars other than the others,” says one elderly man, who does not identify himself, evoking the national anthem. He goes on to affirm that at that time Brazil lived under “the threat of communism,” something widely spread by President Jair Bolsonaro, and disputed by historians, to justify the military coup. “There was a lot of fear in the air. Strike in factories, insecurity everywhere. It was there that, urged by newspapers, radio stations, TVs and especially by the people on the street, real people, parents, mothers, church, that Brazil remembered that it had a National Army. And he appealed to him. ”



The narrator, a professional actor, according to the newspaper O Globo , which was sought on Saturday and paid to do the work, ends the video of almost two minutes concluding that the Army saved Brazil from communism. “The Army saved us. The Army saved us, “he repeats. “And all this happened on a common day today [sic], a March 31st .” The video has no mark of the Government or any official institution. It was not broadcast on any other government channel, such as a website or social networks (but on the page of the president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro). Nor was it published by the Army, which is finally mentioned by a second voice which states that “the Army does not want palms, nor tributes. The Army has just fulfilled its role. ” So far, more than 24 hours after the placement, no one took over the material. The Planalto, through the Secretary of Communication (Secom), confirms that the video was sent by the official channel in WhatsApp, but states that it will not comment on the case. On Monday, Vice President Hamilton Mourão broke the silence on the case and told a group of journalists in Brasilia that the video “was publicized by the Planalto” and that it was “his decision [of Bolsonaro]” its placement.


Sources told the report that the video was not sent by Secom, but by the Digital Office, responsible for the management of social networks and Government portal. Asked about the authorship of the material and how much it would have cost, the Planalto silenced, violating Article 5 of the Constitution, which grants the free expression of thought, but prohibits anonymity. For Gil Castello Branco, from the Open Accounts, an entity that monitors public spending, it is important that the Government clarifies the origin of the video. “It is necessary to know if it was paid or not with public resources,” he says. “Secondly, it is necessary to know to what extent this message legally would be understood or not within what should be the institutional publicity of the Government.” He states that regardless of the authorship of the video, the Government endorses the message sent by releasing it on an official channel.


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Bolsonaro, who has been on an official Israeli road trip since Sunday , but remains wordless on his social networks, did not comment on the matter and did not replicate the material on his channels. Unlike one of his sons, Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), who posted the video on his account on Twitter early in the morning. By the time of the posting, Eduardo Bolsonaro made the publication even before it was sent by WhatsApp.


The president’s improbable indifference to a subject so close to him is not mere chance. Last week, Bolsonaro, who does not consider the date a coup, but rather a “regime with authority,” recommended that barracks celebrate “the historical date.” The controversy over the revisionist stance of the president came to a standstill in court, which granted an injunction on Friday night banning commemorations of the coup by the Armed Forces . But on Saturday morning, the decision was reversed, clearing the way for the celebrations . Since redemocratization, it is the first time that Brazil has a president who defends the festivities of that date.


Unanswered questions about the material prompted the opposition to raise their ears on Sunday when it promised to enter with representations in every possible instance to question the case. According to deputy Paulo Pimenta (PT-RS), his party will appeal to the Federal Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office to denounce the crimes of improbity and responsibility. The deputy also promises to call to clarify in the Chamber of Deputies the Secretary of Communication, who until now is Floriano Amorim.


The WhatsApp of the Government is a channel created still in the management of Michel Temer and administered by the communication team of the Planalto. This is not a group, but a number that transmits institutional videos, such as those that defend the Social Security reform, and other government publicity materials to those who are on the list. Until Sunday, all material sent by this channel was signed by the Federal Government.