“Definitely strange”: Sosa puzzles and taunts against Weinzierl
Borna Sosa does not play a big role at VfB Stuttgart. Just eight appearances are for the Croatian book.
At Sosa itself, this causes a great lack of understanding – the 21-year-old let his frustration now run wild,
complained bitterly and also dropped a few tips towards the coach.

Sosa is currently in the Croatian U 21 contesting a test game in Italy. For Sosa it is a way to forget about
his everyday life. “This is a mental rebirth,” said the sportskeeper of the newspaper “Sportske Novosti”,
before turning to his position at VfB. The is not so to his taste – only eight Bundesliga games are
available for the summer of new access to book, in the second half he came only three times for use – in
Munich (1: 4) and against Leipzig (1: 3) he was doing each in the Substitute final phase came on. Only in
the 18th match against Mainz (2: 3), he was in the starting eleven, but was replaced after a very weak
performance already in the half.

When asked what happened to him in Stuttgart, Sosa had no clear answer. “I do not know,” the 21-year-
old puzzled, emphasizing that he was “completely healthy.” Therefore, he can not understand “why I’m

sitting in the stands.” “Many people ask me, can not explain it – and I can not explain it to me.”

In training, he always tells me ‘bravo Borna, super Borna, very good’. But when the game is over, there is
no Borna.
/Borna Sosa./

Sosa pointed out that after the change of coach from Tayfun Korkut to Markus Weinzierl he practically
did not play anymore. “Of course I’m wondering why that is, it’s going great in practice,” Sosa said,
pointing out that “young players are less likely to win.” A thesis that is not necessarily true, which alone
shows the Bundesliga appearances of Nicolas Gonzalez (22), winter newcomer Ozan Kabak (8) or
Benjamin Pavard (21) – all players who are 22 or younger.

For Sosa, it’s all “weird, definitely weird, Stuttgart brought Pablo Maffeo and me, they paid us a total of
18 million euros, and neither of us play.” If Stuttgart were to play for the Champions League, then I
would. ” Okay, but we’re 16th in the table – and nothing changes. ” The clearly stated desire for change
was not the only tip in the direction of Weinzierl, so Sosa complained about the coach’s communication
with him. “In training, he always tells me ‘bravo Borna, super Borna, very good.’ But when the game is
over, there is no Borna.”

Catastrophic appearance against Mainz
However, Sosa should also question his own attitude. It’s not like he did not get a chance. Thus, the
young Croat, who has gone through all junior national teams in his country, stood for the second half of
the season against Mainz (2: 3) in the starting eleven. His performance was a disaster: constantly
slipped away, weak flanks, many bad passes, replaced at break, kicker note 6. In retrospect, it came out
that he had put on the wrong foot wrong shoes. There is also a bit of a question of professionalism.

Regardless, Sosa is dissatisfied with his situation. “No player could put up with it, that would mean I have
no ambitions, I can not be happy and satisfied,” the 21-year-old said, adding, “It’s a shame, I can not
influence whether I play Everything is done by my side, I always give everything in training, the coach
has no objections, but then I do not play in the game, we will see how things will progress and then we
will make some decisions together. “