MMA fighter Conor McGregor has announced his retirement for the second time in his career. The 30-year-old Irishman announced his surprising decision via Twitter. Curious here: Even hours before he had spoken in a TV show about a possible deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


“Hey guys, quick notice, today I decided to retire from the sport, officially known as mixed martial arts, and I wish all my old colleagues all the best for the competition and join my former partners who are already The Pina Coladas are on me, friends! “, wrote McGregor, who actually wanted to return to the Octagon on October.


Meanwhile, UFC boss Dana White showed understanding for this move. “He has enough money, it makes perfect sense, if I were him, I would have stopped too,” said the 49-year-old American to ESPN. Whether the withdrawal from the active business is meant seriously or not, you will see – after all, McGregor had already resigned in April 2016 before. Three months later he fought again. At the time, this step was more of a negotiation strategy.


The Irishman was last in cages in October when he was defeated by the Russian Chabib Nurmagomedow. After a subsequent mass brawl, both fighters were banned for months. The 30-year-old recently made headlines less in the ring, but rather in public: Since he did not want to be photographed by a fan, he destroyed the man’s mobile phone in Miami and was subsequently arrested.


McGregor, who had lost a sensational fight against former Boxing World Champion Floyd Mayweather in 2017, had already come into conflict with the law in April 2018. Together with others, he had attacked a shuttle bus with MMA fighters and thrown them at objects, including chairs and trashcans. Some people suffered cuts and other injuries.