In the NBA, the teams lose for the first pick in the upcoming draft to the bet. The goal of desire is Zion Williamson, this week the powerhouse starts in the March Madness.


He is tall, he is wide, he is full of strength. When Zion Williamson hits the basket with force, it rattles regularly. “Such things happen only in Cape Canaveral,” said an ESPN commentator recently, as the jump-strong 18-year-old basketball once again spectacularly dunking in the ring stuffed. Williamson is an elemental force, blessed with lots of talent.


No wonder the Duke University sensation in Durham / North Carolina is at the top of the NBA team’s agenda before the start of March Madness, the highly regarded US college championship finals. On June 20, the Draft in Brooklyn will be handing out the best junior players to the 30 teams, and the teens with jersey number 1 are pretty sure they’ll be first.


Williamson had recently been upset with a quick spin, his shoe was completely torn in a game, the powerhouse suffered a knee injury in the top match against arch rivals North Carolina Tar Heels after a few seconds and had to take a break. The stock price of the manufacturer Nike fell by more than 1.5 percent.


Even Barack Obama is worried about Zion

“I hope the boy is alright,” Superstar LeBron James wrote on Twitter about the newcomer. Even former US President Barack Obama, who had been in the front row of the match, responded to the incident, hoping that nothing worse had happened. “He seems to be an extraordinary young man and player,” said Obama.


Williamson is the big topic ahead of the eagerly awaited knockout round in the NCAA College League. With his Blue Devils and coach legend Mike Krzyzewski, the forward celebrated the title in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), after which he was named MVP – 27 points and ten rebounds on average were pretty good arguments.


Duke, five times champion under “Coach K”, who has been in charge since 1980, is in first position in the East. The tournament tree (bracket), which fans type through each year and spend their money, is divided into four regions. Win Duke in his district, it goes to the Final Four to Minneapolis, where from 6 to 8 April, the master is determined.


Zion can do everything: “I will shock the world”

Much will depend on Williamson, who poses many problems to his opponents. The super talent has in addition to his impressive athleticism also eye and can anticipate. That’s why YouTube is in a top 10 with Williamson scenes to see the whole range.


Several steals are included, an alley-oop, a 360-degree dunking, and a dunking with jump on the free throw line. Spectacle is inevitable, the upcoming NBA pro goes to the field. “I’m going to shock the world,” Williamson wrote on Twitter, “#Believeit,” so believe it, was behind it.


Knicks, Suns, Cavs or Bulls: Who will be rewarded for losing?

It is quite possible that he will be playing at Madison Square Garden, where the New York Knicks are at home this fall – the worst team in the NBA at the moment. Due to their lousy record, the franchise has the best chances for the first draft pick, but also has to be lucky in the lottery.


With Phoenix, Cleveland and Chicago losing more teams to the bet, although the Cavaliers and Bulls have provided in previous games for surprises; Tanking is the name given to this inglorious fight that weak clubs are leading for rebuilding. One is rewarded with Williamson.