Mercedes surprised at the season opener in Australia with a strong performance, with the Finn Valtteri Bottas World Champion Lewis Hamilton clearly stole the show. On the other hand, the Ferrari favorites after the tests received a lesson in Melbourne. The international press reviews.



The Telegraph: “In the race that was expected by Ferrari to regain its importance and possibly solve the stranglehold on Mercedes, their two cars were distanced by a staggering 57 seconds, which was an alarming sign for Sebastian Vettel Just when he had dared to hope that Ferrari would provide him with a car to defeat his arch rival Lewis Hamilton, he was disappointed and baffled by Mercedes crushing his team. ”


Daily Mail: “Valtteri Bottas lost last year’s duel with Hamilton after winning at 0:11 but after a winter of vodka and porridge for breakfast, he still became a winner.”


The Sun: “Incredi-Val! Bottas promised to come back stronger and more determined in 2019 – and that’s how he presented himself when he defeated Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne.”


The Guardian: “Mercedes dominated in Melbourne, but Hamilton also warned that he still thought the championship would be a three-way battle with Ferrari and Red Bull, and Bottas celebrated an impressive victory.”



“Gazzetta dello Sport”: “[The race] starts with Mercedes, but what to expect: The Australian Grand Prix was surprisingly bagged by Valtteri Bottas, who crossed the finish line ahead of his team mate Lewis Hamilton in the first race of the season Englishman – now for the third consecutive year in Melbourne – can not take advantage of the pole position that seems to be bewitched at that point: two years ago it was a safety car, last year a virtual safety car and this year a sled on Start, and the victory is over. ”


Corriere dello Sport: “Ferraris title dream seems more and more to become a nightmare Ferrari can not stand Mercedes in the barriers, the season begins with the double victory of Bottas and Hamilton In all honesty: a disaster for Maranello Australia is a special circuit, but that can not be an excuse for this disgrace. ”


Tuttosport: “At Ferrari the alarm bells are ringing – was it a blackout or something worse?” The Ferrari team, which had arrived as a favorite in Melbourne, leaving without having climbed the podium, no one had expected, especially not team boss Mattia Binotto: The disappointment is great and you can not find any explanations – Vettel talks about the tires, but are they the only problem? ”


La Repubblica: “Vettel misses the podium that Ferrari has always conquered at the start in Australia in the last four years, his Lina does not help him Why is Vettel’s Ferrari so slow is still an open question – in Melbourne Ferrari became a sunrise expected, but the team has experienced a dusk, Ferrari is not dangerous for Mercedes in this way. ”


Corriere della Sera: “False start for Ferrari Great disappointment for Maranello Where has the wonderful car of the tests Barcelona disappeared? In his double role as team manager and technical director, Mattia Binotto must very quickly transform this pale car into a protagonist of Formula 1 The Grand Prix in Bahrain with a track that is favorable for Ferrari will be a fiery test and a test of truth. ”


La Stampa: “False start in Australia: Ferrari needs to know that its cars are slow The red cars, kings in the tests, are just shadows of the cars we saw in Barcelona Until two weeks ago, the SF90 was the future king A flight to Australia is all it takes to change the situation: Vettel’s car does not work, but he does not really fight to get more out of it. ”



Marca: “Bottas beat Hamilton, Ferrari did not even enter the podium, and a round and well-deserved win by Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, did not sting him, the Ferrari rhythm was disappointing.” Vettel’s expression was like a funeral Signals that Ferrari sends. ”


As: “Bottas eats up Hamilton, Verstappen sank Ferrari, the Finn pulled past Hamilton at the start and was untouchable until the end.The first big loser of the season is Ferrari, the Scuderia only saw the champagne bottle from afar not held, a disappointing start of the season for Vettel. ”


Sport: “Bottas rebels in Australia A demonstration of the Finn A total fiasco for Ferrari Bottas cheats in the duel between Hamilton Vettel in between also Verstappen made life difficult for Ferrari.That was certainly not what Vettel for the first race of the season had presented. ”


“Mundo Deportivo”: “The best thing about the Grand Prix race in Australia was undoubtedly Max Verstappen’s overtaking against Sebastian Vettel on lap 31 in the battle for third place, with the Dutchman’s Red Bull pulling up the fresher tires. Max drove a reckless attack – with his nose groping on one side, on the other side giving him a push in the third corner, which the German Ferrari had nothing to oppose – Mad Max pure. ”



Kronenzeitung: “Austria rules in Australia – Toto Wolff celebrates over a silver double victory by Bottas and Hamilton, Helmut Marko over a strong Verstappen, chasing Vettel in the finish from the podium.”



Look: “Mercedes celebrates with Bottas and Hamilton – Ferrari beaten An irrepressible Valtteri Bottas wrestles for the start of the season in Melbourne his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton.The two celebrate a double victory and thus set the direction for 2019. Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in fourth and fifth place is rudely knocked out of their dreams, a shame after the great test days in February. ”



“L’Equipe”: “It is questionable how much confidence can be placed in the pre-season test results: in Catalonia, the Ferrari seemed to be far ahead of the Mercedes in late February, much faster and better than its rival prospects. And then, this weekend in Melbourne, the trend turned around: Radical and cruel for the Scuderia: beaten on Saturday in qualifying and humbled in Sunday’s race. “