In the quarter-finals of the play-offs, the Adler Mannheim prevailed in the Best-of-seven series with 4: 1 victories against Nuremberg and reached the semi-finals. Closer is it between the Augsburger Panthern and the DEG. After a 1: 3 deficit celebrated the Augsburg still the third victory of the series. Berlin hopes for the victory in Munich again, Cologne hopes after the victory against Ingolstadt again.


The Adler Mannheim are in the play-off semi-final. The main round winner defeated the Nürnberg Ice Tigers on Sunday in a spectacular game with 7: 4 (2: 2, 2: 1, 3: 1) and won the Best of Seven series ahead of time 4: 1. It continues for the Adler in the first semi-final match on April 3 in Mannheim. The opponent is not determined yet.


Garrett Festerling (12th minute) and Ben Smith (20th) each brought the title contender to the lead, but Chad Bassen (13) and ex-national Patrick Reimer (20) were able to compensate for the franc. After the goal of Marcus Weber (30), the guests were the first time with 3: 2 forward, but Chad Kolarik (30) and striker Markus Eisenschmid (39) turned the game again. David Wolf (43 ‘) and Denis Reul (46’) raised to 6: 3 before Eric Stephan (51 ‘) was able to shorten. The final score was provided by Mark Katic (59.).


Augsburg celebrates “a madness thing”

The Augsburger Panthers is still missing a success to the semi-finals. By the 4: 3 (0: 1, 1: 2, 2: 0) after extra time against the Dusseldorf EC leads the team of coach Mike Stewart the series with 3: 2. On Friday (19.30 clock), the Panthers can make the first semi-final participation in nine years with a victory in Dusseldorf perfect.


Ryan McKiernan (19 minutes), Marco Nowak (36) and Alexander Barta (37) made for the Dusseldorf after the interim equalization by Matthew Fraser (22) for a 3-1 lead. But Jaroslav Hafenrichter (43) and David Stieler 44 seconds before the end saved Augsburg in extra time. In the extra time Thomas Holzmann (62.) scored the much acclaimed winning goal for the hosts. “Coming back and then winning is a mad thing,” goal scorer Holzmann told Magenta Sport.


Munich loses and worries about Abeltshauser

Red Bull Munich, meanwhile, missed his first match point. In his own hall, the defending champion won against runner-up Eisbären Berlin 0: 3 (0: 1, 0: 0, 0: 2) and leads in the quarter-final series only with 3: 2. In the 49th minute, Jamie MacQueen (12 ‘) and Austin Ortega cheered on the visitors, and at the end of the second period Munich had to cope with a possible serious injury to Konrad Abeltshauser.


Ingolstadt awards match ball, Cologne hopes again

The ERC Ingolstadt missed the first chance to win the quarter-final series, Cologne draws new hope again. National player Frederik Tiffels (45.) and Jason Akeson (60.) made the victory in the final third perfect. Ingolstadt is on Friday (19.30 clock) in the sixth meeting Heimrecht and can close at a stand of 3: 2 bag.